Julia, 17 years old, the Netherlands`
Don't wish away your days waiting for better ones a head.

What am I supposed to do?;
Sometimes you make choices in life and sometimes choices make you.”

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"A person’s true identity can often be difficult to discern, even to themselves, causing one to question their character, their calling, their very existence. For most, time provides clarity. But for others, these questions remain unanswered, for an identity cannot be fully defined when it is a guarded secret."

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Remember all their faces. Remember all their voices

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"Four? Like the number?"

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Ed Sheeran - Don’t (Acoustic, Live in German Radio, April 22)

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Knowledge is power. Power to do evil … or power to do good, like what we’re doing. Power itself is not evil. So knowledge itself is not evil.
— Matthew, “Allegiant” (via seefaitheverywhere)
Everyone has some evil inside them, and the first step to loving anyone is to recognize the same evil in ourselves, so we’re able to forgive them.
— Allegiant (via freeofthecoliseums)
We believe in ordinary acts of bravery in the courage that drives one person to stand up for another.
— Dauntless Manifesto, Divergent (via escap3-with-me-x3)